(18, Enby, They/Them/Their + He/His/Him/ pronouns.) Yo! This is my personal Tumblr. I really dig cartoons and video games. I like other stuff too, so expect a little mish-mashing of interests.
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Everybody Will Die: A Property of Hate Fanmix (listen)

A bit of a darker TPoH fanmix going off what we’d seen of the comic so far. And how similar scenarios in the past have probably ended in catastrophic failure.


Shawty got hands like my oh my.

(In case people don’t know these are the hands of RGB from Modmad’s comic The Property of Hate) (Part 2)


my HRA score is going through the roof

i will have these with me at minicomi tomorrow! i’ll have unframed prints as well, and also flower crowns!

i’m under the group “CHOOSE GOOSE” at table S11!


New postcards I designed for Two Dots


another Sailor Moon inspired piece for the upcoming Meatball Head show at Meltdown


popple n rookie!!

(thinking about replaying superstar saga!)


Pearlcatchers and Ridgebacks: a cultural disaster just waiting to happen.


news is out, here’s my cover for SU #3!!! 


In light of the 50 Shades of Grey trailer coming out today, quick reminder that that book is about an abusive and controlling relationship, not BDSM.

Fanfiction (published or not) is important for women of all ages to explore gender roles and sexuality in a way that is less stigmatized and more accessible. 

But do not do the BDSM community a disservice by calling the relationship described in the book a BDSM experience. 


The Crystal Gems
since finished tall of season 1 (???) earlier today o  w o

"I love the sense that the object is in the frame with the actors, I think that gives you a level of interaction and connection that you don’t get when you do work against green screen." - Joe Cornish


Animatronic jaw with blue bioluminescent teeth of the alien creatures from Attack The Block, built by Spectral Motion.